Monday, August 17, 2009

Random Psych Related Thought

I was listening to KT Tundstall and she says, "My heart knows me better than I know myself, so I'm gonna let it do all the talking." It made me think:

There is a life-long relationship between the "heart" (emotions) and the mind (rational thinking). When people ask, "Which should I listen to?" I believe that it is never as black and white as one would hope. Any relationship takes comprimise, based entirely on the situation at hand, how strong the convictions are of the parties involved, and what seemingly will satisfy both parties as much as possible. Such is the delicacy of the skill required to balance the "heart" and the mind in an attempt to maintain a healthy sense of self.

The trickiest part of this particular relationship is that there is no escape, as many people seem to be utilizing as a solution much more in recent times. The "heart" and mind are inseperable, part of the same entitely, consistenly struggling to maintain order, harmony and peace, while impacting the self. It seems like much of life consists of this very same principle; do whatever possible to maintain the highest possible level of order, harmony, and peace. It is when incongruency occurs when either the mind, the soul, the body, or the "heart" springs into almost instant action in an attempt to return life back to its harmonious state.

It's all about balance and comprimise.

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