Thursday, August 6, 2009

Made to Run

I have read that running (especially distance running) may be "natural" to humans because of the tie to our primal hunting technique of hunting faster animals over long distances at an even pace until they tired enough to kill them. Also, I have heard of sprinting as possibly inciting the fight or flight response. So, is the tie to a genetic predisposition for certain techniques "in the wild" the reason that some of us love running so much? Is it satisfying some instinctual desire?

What are your thoughts?



Anonymous said...

Yes I think we,people in general,have the instinct to run.I think our body is made to run.What I'm not sure about is why some of us just can't live without it and others think we're nuts. I am careful who I talk about running to.People will either relate or hate.

BuRg said...

I does really seem to be either a love or hate relationship when it comes to running.