Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stress Reliever

There are times where I feel completely frazzled, unable to concentrate, easily irritated, and stressed out. I am one of the many people who's emotions are written all over her face; I see no need to hide myself. Most someone will ask me if I am okay, if something happened, if I am hungry. Those who see me often enough and know me well enough usually ask, "Were you not able to get a run in?" or "Do you need a run?"

Activities like running, among other healthful things that I have mentioned in previous posts (like increasing mood-altering Serotonin), burn up stress chemicals, like adrenaline, which gives a calming sensation (The Better Health Channel, 2008). So does running calm me or does not running stress me? Is it a play of cycles? All I know is that if I don't run for two days in a row, that third day, I am not myself. I turn into a short-tempered, pessimistic, stress-case. So, the easy option is to just continue running...for life.

Happy running all!

The Better Health Channel. (2008). Depression and Exercise. State of Victoria.

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Bobi said...

impressed.... I love to run but have not been doing so lately. I admire people who are as committed to it as you are.