Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Going Long

There is something incredibly empowering about going long. A long run is just what it sounds like: a run that is usually significantly longer than your other weekly runs. Most people will do one a week when training for a long race. I usually do one a week, often with my running partner, Lauren. I love the sense of empowerment that I get in knowing that I am doing something that most people cannot do. I love the feeling of peace I get afterward from the endorphin release. I love the feeling that I am really strong. Every once in a while, I "check" myself and say, "Remember when you couldn't run a full three miles?!" I love that I can be outside, no matter the weather. I hate being shackled up all winter! Even though it may be cold, there is still something unexplainable which is gained from being outside for an extended period of time. I am grateful for everyday that I can go long, as I know it won't last forever. Eventually my body is going to reject me running so long, but until then, I will continue to enjoy every long run I do.


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