Monday, May 4, 2009

Freeing and Cleansing

I was supposed to do a 5 mile easy with Crystal, but it was raining, so she bailed. I decided to go a different direction (right out of my street instead of left) and run for about 45 minutes wherever I happened to end up.

I really enjoyed the freedom of going where I felt like it and my run turned into a 6.4 mile easy-ish. It was really the best way to start out this training: reminding me why I started running in the first place...for THIS feeling...just running.

The weather was rainy as hell, really heavy at times, but it wasn't really cold. It actually felt great to have the rain water dripping down my face. It was cleansing...It made me feel strong, like Rocky. Like nothing could stop me...not even the crappy weather. I looked around, I ran at an even and comfortable pace...I felt the runner's rhythm.

I came home drenched, as if I had stood in the shower for five minutes with all my clothes on...I don't think there was a spot of me that wasn't soaked...but I was giggling at myself and in good spirits. I want to make sure to include these type of runs in my training in order to not be boggled down by the schedule.

I need to have these runs to remind me that running is what I choose for it to be in my life. It is the one thing of which I have all the is for ME and only me. It is my release, my joy, a source of power and serenity. I will only make my goals, if I can keep this in my mind throughout training. Push it hard, but remember what you love about running and take the time to enjoy that once in a while.

Happy running : )

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