Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Recovery Run

I ran a four-mile today with Joey in the stroller (slow-44 minutes-11:00 pace...before my injury I would run 10:00 pace with stroller). No I-Pod today.

Before I ran, I was stressed out and feeling like I needed an escape. I started out running fast and efficiently. Around a mile and a half in, I started to get the "running blues". I wanted to walk; I felt tired; I got negative; I was thinking of cutting my run short. I self-talked myself through it, reminding myself about my half marathon and how well I did, how I am still working my way back up from my injury. At the two mile mark, my mood changed: my stride flowed easier; my breathing evened out and became less labored; I began to look around more; I stopped waiting for the end of my run and just enjoyed the ride. I am glad that I pushed through this, because I'm sure to be working on my mental endurance as much as my physical again. The more you run, the less the mental blocks affect you.

I just got back fifteen minutes ago and I feel like I want to relax. My energy is low, but fairly positive. If I didn't have Joey, or had a live-in nanny, I would take a bath right now, with my I-Pod tuned to Matchbox Twenty, Rob Thomas, and Jack Johnson.

After writing this, it has now been a half hour since ending my run and I am beginning to feel my energy levels increase and my mood is lifting. I'm also getting hungry.

Happy Running : )


KayO416 said...

I like that you stuck with it. It's impressive. Most people don't.

I get that feeling sometimes too -but when I think that, I usually get mad at myself and say, WTF are you doing even thinking about quitting. I do a lot of that psychology on myself.

(thought): maybe I'll run that little extra loop
(initial reaction): no, I'm going to be too tired, it's too much work
(reconsidered action when I get to that little extra loop): since you said no you're going to do it. just to prove yourself wrong.

So then I do it. and i'm not too tired - EVER.

To me, once you're able to convince yourself to go like you did, it's a sign of being a runner.

Lots of people CAN run, lots of people DO run, but not everyone is a runner. In my eyes, because of what you just said, you are.

BuRg said...

Yayyyy! I'm a runner! : )